Land Use Development ServicesĀ 


                                          HOWARD CORNELL - MANAGER 

Over 25 years of land development experience - can provide you with land development services or creating project teams to assist you with your land development goals.

Land Development Background

Land development and consultant engineering of industrial, residential, commercial and renewable energy projects
Degreed in Civil Engineering Technology and licensed in Land Surveying in 5 states

Land development entitlement work including re-zoning, obtaining permits, forming and attending neighborhood meetings and making presentations before city councils and boards of supervisors

Work with major utility companies, military installations and local and federal agencies including the Arizona Corporation Commission, California Energy Commission, California Coastal
Commission and BLM

Coordinate and review feasibility and environmental studies

Prepare project cost estimates

Design on-site and off-site improvements

Design Master Plan Communities, Preliminary and Final Plats, preliminary layouts of wind and solar projects
Assemble and Supervise engineering and design teams

*Arizona Real Estate Sales License